Chloromethyl trimethylsilane

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Product Description

Chloromethyl trimethylsilane

1. Product description

English name: Chloromethyltrimethylsilane

The structural formula:


Molecular formula:C4H11ClSi

Molecular weight: 122.67

2. Physico-chemical Properties

This product is colorless transparent liquid with boiling point 88~89, density (20)0.880g/mL.This product is flammable and stimulates the eyes, respiratory system and skin.

3.Technical Indicators




Colorless transparent liquid

Chloromethyl trimethylsilane, w /%


Moisture         PPm


4. Characteristics and uses

Chlorethyltrimethylsilane is a very important silicone reagent, due to its unique structure and properties, makes it widely used in medicine, pesticides as well as organic synthesis.Chlorethyltrimethylsilane and its derivatives are important reagents in the preparation of a variety of products such as unsaturated compounds, isoprenyl compounds, Dils-Alder addition compounds, Yelid, heterocyclic compounds.In particular, the synthetic fungicide silfluorazole.

5. Packaging specifications

This product is packed with 200L iron barrels lined with PVF cover, with a net weight of 170kg for each barrel.The bucket is filled with nitrogen and gas protection, and the packaging bucket is tightly sealed.

6. Storage and transportation requirements

Transportation: The transportation vehicles of this product shall be equipped with corresponding varieties of fire-fighting equipment, and it is strictly prohibited to mix with edible chemicals.Heavy impact should be prevented and kept away from heat source to avoid sun and rain.

Storage: The product shall be strictly sealed and stored in a cool, dry and well-ventilated environment, far away from fire and heat source.Store separately with acid, alkali, and oxidant.Storage period for 12 months under the specified transportation and storage conditions.

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