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Product Description



Abbreviation: DIPDMS

Product Name: Donor-P

CAS number: 18230-61-0

Structural formula:


Boiling point ℃: 164

Remarks: Used as catalyst in propylene polymerization as external electron donor. High activity, high stereoselectivity, strong melt fluidity during polymerization.

Product description

Product Name: DIPDMS (DONOR-P)

Chemical name: Diisopropyldimethoxysilane

Molecular formula: C8H20O2Si

Molecular weight: 176.3

Physical and chemical properties

This product is a colorless transparent liquid under normal pressure, with a boiling point of 164 ° C / 760mmHg and a flash point of 43 ° C (closed cup). It has a special fragrance, protected by nitrogen, stable in closed storage, and easily hydrolyzed with water or moisture.

3. Technical indicators




Colorless transparent liquid



Moisture PPm


Fourth, use
A catalyst used in the polymerization of propylene as an electron donor.

V. Signs, use, packaging, transportation, storage
1. Mark: The product name, net weight, gross weight, batch number, date of manufacture and name of the manufacturer are indicated on the outside of the packaging barrel.
2. Use: Wear latex gloves and protective masks.
3. Packaging: Packed in galvanized iron barrels. The barrels are filled with nitrogen protection. The gap between the barrel lids is tightly sealed with alkyd varnish.
Net weight: 180Kg / barrel.
4. Transportation: According to the general requirements for transportation of combustible organic matter.
5, storage: cool, dry, well-ventilated environment, stored separately from acid, alkali and oxidant.
Shelf life is one year.

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