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Product Description

Abbreviation: DIBDMS
Product Name: Donor-B
CAS number: 17980-32-4
Structural formula:


Boiling point ℃: 118 ℃ / 80mm / Hg
Remarks: It has very good tunability for PP isotacticity and molecular weight. The outstanding feature is that the sensitivity of hydrogen modulation is quite good. Therefore, the effect of controlling the molecular weight and distribution of PP through hydrogen decoupling is significant.

Product description
Product Name: DIBDMS (DONOR-B)
Chemical name: Diisobutyldimethoxysilane
Molecular formula: C10H24O2Si
Molecular weight: 204.4

Physical and chemical properties
This product is a colorless transparent liquid at normal pressure, with a boiling point of 72 ° C / 760mmHg and a flash point of 76 ° C (closed cup). It has a special fragrance, protected by nitrogen, stable in closed storage, and easily hydrolyzed with water or moisture.

3. Technical indicators

project index
Exterior Colorless transparent liquid
Purity% ≥99.0
Moisture PPm <100

Fourth, use
A catalyst used in the polymerization of propylene as an electron donor.
V. Signs, use, packaging, transportation, storage
1. Mark: The product name, net weight, gross weight, batch number, date of manufacture and name of the manufacturer are indicated on the outside of the packaging barrel.
2. Use: Wear latex gloves and protective masks.
3. Packaging: Packed in galvanized iron barrels. The barrels are filled with nitrogen protection. The gap between the barrel lids is tightly sealed with alkyd varnish.
Net weight: 180Kg / barrel.
4. Transportation: According to the general requirements for transportation of combustible organic matter.
5, storage: cool, dry, well-ventilated environment, stored separately from acid, alkali and oxidant.
Shelf life is one year.

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