Electron donor IBIPDMS

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Product Description

Abbreviation: IBIPDMS
Product Name: Donor-I
CAS number: 111439-76-0
Structural formula:



Product Information


Chemical name: iso-Butyl-iso-propyldimethoxysilane,


CAS: 111439-76-0

Formula: C9H22O2Si

Product specification


Appearance :Clear colorless liquid          

Density :0.855 ~ 0.875

Colour: ≤ 20 Hazen

Purity :≥ 99%

Hydrolyzing chlorine: ≤ 10 mg/kg

Moisture: ≤ 100 mg/kg




Used in propylene polymerization as external electron donor for producing special polypropyleneresin grades.


Package, storing and delivery:


Net weight 180 kg / drum, packed in steel drums. The drums are filled with nitrogen for isolating

moisture with product.


The goods shall be stored at cool and dry warehouse. Separate with food chemicals, oxidants,

strong acid, strong alkali. Total shelf life is one year.

PPE shall be available when handling the product.

The material is categorized as general flammable organic compound.

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