Product Description

Abbreviation: NPTMS
Product Name: Donor-NM
CAS number: 1067-25-0
Boiling point ℃: 142
Structural formula:



1.Product Description

Brand Name:lu jing-NMDONOR-NM

Chemical Name:n-Propyltrimethoxysilane

The Molecular Formula:C6H16O3Si



2.Physico-chemical Properties

This product is a colorless transparent liquid with a boiling point of 142℃, easy oxidation, nitrogen protection, and stable airtight storage performance.Acid, alkali and water will react and polymerize, when contact with oxidizing substances will react strongly, and slowly decompose with water or moisture, polymerization into white silicone.Easy to miscible with organic solvents such as aromatic hydrocarbons, fatty hydrocarbons and alcohols.

This product is combustible and has a slight stimulating effect on the mucous membrane and skin.

3.Technical Indicators




Colorless Transpanrent Liquid

Purity         %


Moisture         PPm


4.Features And Usage

This product is a new type of olefin polymerization, which can be used to adjust the crystallinity, isometer and apparent density of polyolefin products. It can be used alone or paired with other electronics to accommodate the production of different brands, and realize the performance and efficiency of catalysts.

5. Marks, Use, Packaging,

This product is packed with 200L iron bucket lined with PVF cover with net weight of 180kg.The bucket is protected with nitrogen, and the packaging bucket is sealed strictly.

6.Transportation and Storage

Transportation: The transport vehicles of this product shall be equipped with corresponding varieties of fire-fighting equipment, and it is strictly prohibited to be mixed with edible chemicals.Transportation should be prevented from violent impact and away from the heat source, to avoid the sun and rain.

Storage: The product shall be strictly sealed and stored in a cool, dry and well-ventilated environment, far away from fire and heat source.Store separately with acid, alkali and oxidant.Storage period of 12 months under the specified transportation and storage conditions.

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